Warranty Policies

Our commitment and main focus will always be to offer products with the best design, work only with high quality supplies and materials, with excellent finishes and attributes, guarantee good practices, meeting the expectations of our customers with a long useful life of the product.

Changes due to size, color or other product

  • The time to make a product change due to size, color or other product will be fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery of the product. This must be new, in perfect condition and with the labels that the product comes with.
  • The cost of shipping the product to be returned and the new one chosen by the customer is the responsibility of the customer.
  • If the product for which the customer wishes to exchange is of greater value, payment must be made before making the new shipment.
  • No refunds are made after five (5) business days after purchase.
  • After receiving the product, we as a brand take up to (15) business days to ship the product for which you wish to make the exchange.
  • The right of withdrawal (law 1480 of 2011, article 47) is the power that gives the consumer the possibility of regretting or desisting from a purchase made, this covers 5 business days after the purchase is made.

Guarantee of our products

In compliance with the provisions contained in the Consumer Statute, Law 1480 of 2011, Il Can Atelier will proceed to make effective the legal guarantee solely and exclusively for defects in quality, suitability and safety of the products.

The guarantee will not be recognized when defects arise as a result of improper use or failure to follow the instructions for use, conservation and washing by the consumer.

To recognize the guarantee , the consumer must send the request in writing to the email address ilcanatelier@gmail.com . The claim must contain: (i) date of purchase; (ii) reasons for the claim; (iii) claim; (iii) photographic reference of the defect and; (iv) electronic or notification address.

The response to claims will be made within a period of eight (8) business days, counted from the moment of submission of the request. It will indicate whether or not the guarantee is applicable.

Scope of Warranty

When a guarantee becomes effective, IL CAN Atelier will proceed to carry out the totally free repair of product defects, which will be carried out within fifteen (15) business days following delivery of the product for repair.

When the good does not allow repair, the product will be replaced within a period of fifteen (15) business days following the delivery of the defective product by the consumer to IL CAN Atelier .

In the event of repetitive failures in repaired products, the consumer will be able to choose between replacing the product or refunding the money. Replacements will be subject to the terms previously indicated, while money refunds will be made within eight (8) business days following the consumer making the product available to the brand.

In cases of money refund due to the effectiveness of the guarantee, the refund will be made based on the sale price of the product.

When the consumer has been informed of imperfections or deteriorations in the purchasing procedure (in events of sales, promotions and/or auctions among others), NO guarantee will be recognized in relation to the imperfections or deteriorations accepted by the consumer.

IL CAN Atelier will inform and make available to the consumer the delivery mechanisms for the defective product, when any form of guarantee is appropriate.


The terms for making the warranty request will begin to run from the date of delivery of the product to the consumer and will respond to the following conditions:


OLLIE DINING ROOM: Sixty (60) calendar days. Due to problems that the base may present.
It does NOT apply to the bowls if they break due to use, it only applies if the customer reports that they received them in this condition on the same day of delivery and supports it with photos of their condition.

It does NOT apply if they break due to use, it only applies if the customer reports that they received it in this condition on the same day of delivery and supports it with photos of its condition.

RITZY BED: Thirty (30) calendar days
It does NOT apply to bites or scratches made by the pet or misuse of the product.

SLEEPING BAG: Thirty (30) calendar days